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With Joe Lee cooking this year I thought the t-shirt should reflect that. I drew the outline of a pig and Bucky filled it in with the look of an island from above.
Made my St Thomas run for Thankspigging supplies on the Tuesday before. Roanoke home and stashed the cases of beers in our office. Then discovered no pig was delivered from Merchants to the deli. Called Marty, “Sorry Ken, what can I do?” I asked him to please pull it from the freezer to start thawing. Said he would. Happy hour time.

miss pigy
Day before and Elliot is still working on the t-shirts. Got his big cooler. Went to pick up my spit setup at Club 86. Boozie roasted a small pig for Owen. Couldn’t find one of the prongs that impales the pig’s head and butt. Looked everywhere. Found it much later still stuck in the pig’s frozen back quarter. Took awhile to get it out. 3:00 Merchant’s truck, no pig again. Called Marty. Gone. Talked to Judy. “Yes I see the order and I’ll call you back”. Called back to say it would be on the next car barge. Ric and I went to town. Couple of beers at the Gecko waiting for the Mr.“B”. Wasn’t on it. Waited another hour for the “General”. They off loaded right to Elliot’s cooler in the back of my Grand Wagoneer. Handed off a frozen rock solid 100 lb pig to Joe Lee the night before and all I could say was, “Sorry”. He said he’d take care of it and don’t worry.
Boozie and Keith were at the house at 7:00 to pick up the top lids for the spit. Down to Skinnys. Joe and his clan had been there since 5:00 AM. The pig was on and 100 lbs of Virgina hams were being grilled.
They took turns during the night watering down the pig to thaw it out. I was amazed. Then even more amazing, Laurie comes with her girls around 9:00 with breakfast for all. Biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon and grits. Laid it all out, served it and cleaned it up and were gone to return later. Iced 15 cases of beer, placed the linens and helped Sally with her decorations. This years featured decoration, “Incognito Turkey”. She explained that he was in the Federal Witness Protection program. She had her glue gun, staples and tape to repair old decorations. Out to Elliots to pick up the T-shirts then past them out to those who helped.
People started trickling in around 3:00. Sandi, Megan and Barbara behind the counter labeling the food and its placement. Laurie and her girls rolled up their sleeves, put plastic gloves on and proceeded to pull apart the hams and pig mixing them together with their BBQ sauce. All two hundred pounds and 20 lbs of Hog Head Hash. A sight to see. And Jeff brought a keg of his Drunk Bay
Beer. 2009 Thankspigging T Shirt

We estimated 200-225 people. Smaller crowd this year. Met new friends but seemed some old friends didn’t make it this year. Still a great crowd and as always, great food and no leftovers. David, Jay, Spoons Ted, Nina and a tourist played for a couple of hours. People really hung around longer this year. Peg lead the charge in cleaning up all the kitchen stuff. Rick made two runs to the dump and we were out of there by 9:00. And on the way out, David Wegman says, “have you ever contacted Guinness World Records for the largest Thanksgiving buffet?”
“Why no I haven’t and I can’t believe I never thought of it.”