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With the recession upon us I did the t-shirt myself this year. Kept it black and white, no color this year. Just two pigs looking at each other on the spit. Plus it was salt and pepper, me and Boozie cooking the pig.
Made my St Thomas run the Tuesday before. The power was out and no traffic lights working, a nightmare acquired everything.
Wednesday made the rounds. Power still off and on. Welder Jim fixed the prongs for the spit and got Elliot’s big cooler and t-shirts. Always wait to the last moment. Somehow Elliot printed them on the wrong side, the front, but hey these things happened and you go with it. Picked up donated cases of beer from Shipwreck, Aqua Bistro and Island Blues. Ran into Michael Beans from Tortola and invited him to come play tomorrow. Happy hour at Aqua Bistro and home ready to go.
Picked Boozie up on the way to Skinnys. He still had the pigs hanging from his front porch. He had seasoned them last night. Started late again at 8:00. Got the beer stocked early this year, 15 cases. Dr Bob brought a case of his home brew, Dr Bob’s Bad Back Brew. And Jeff had two brews on tap from his Drunk Bay Brewery. Tyrone brought a bunch of coconut husks to smoke the pigs with. Boozie also cooked two huge
turkeys along with Jersey Tom’s two deep fried. Jack once again with his termite wood smoked turkey. Waited for Tim and the mashed potatoes and ribs. Of course he didn’t get there till 5:00 and I couldn’t hold back the crowd. Fed at 4:50. Once again Sandi as General Food. Commanding from behind the counter along with Margie. This year I asked people to put their names on the dish signs. And once again Alice’s Restaurant blared overhead. Spoons Ted gave me a bamboo coolie for my beer bottle.

2008 Thankspigging T Shirt
Peggy braided my hair into two pigtails. Jay, Laurie and Ike played later joined by Kent. Ken's BraidsJim gave me my annual Bud Wiser. Joe with his Hog Head Hash again and French Elizabeth with her wrapped and stuffed grape leaves. Lots of desserts this year. Skinny’s closers Kevin and Adam pitched to help clean with Ric Peg Tim and me. Had everything spic and span and out the door at 9:30. Beat. I woke up the next morning and every muscle in my body ached. We estimated 250 people this year.