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W With the introduction of home brew beer by Jeff, Drunk Bay Brewery, I asked Brian to design a t-shirt with pigs drinking tap.
Derek and Beca returned and brother-in-law Tim moved here from Moscow and had opened Big Belly Deli.
Ran around the day before doing all the things that had become a routine, beer, coolers, t-shirts and all the equipment required. Had the pigs, two 90 lbs, delivered to the Deli from Merchants. Once again they had screwed up the order. I received two very frozen pigs. Got Elliot’s big cooler and filled with water and attempted to get them thawed. In the mean time we started drinking waiting for the thaw and of course drank too much. Finally got them thawed and rubbed down and put away.
Still drinking at 1:00 we heard a crashing sound around the corner from the deli. I thought maybe the donkeys were after the pigs. We ran over to discover a woman lying on the ground having fallen from the second floor and apparently landed on her head on top of a stone wall. She was drunk. Wasn’t moving anything except her head. We rush to comfort her while calling 911. Wendy was the first there 45 minutes later followed by the ambulance.
I got home at 3:00 and still upset. We found out later that she was paralyzed.
Couldn’t sleep all night but still got to Skinnys at 6:45. Feeling exhausted and hung over it took Ric and I till 8:45 to get the pigs on. They fell a couple of times into the charcoal, a rough day. Sally with her “Macy’s Parade Bird” decoration. Phillip did goat and watched my gator. Peggy did the 50 lbs of potatoes. Tim did ribs. Jeff brought home brewed beer in bottles as did Dr Bob.
Pigs took forever. Crowd grew hungry. I made an announcement. Even thought in Coral Bay we pride ourselves of not having any rules, please take only one plate so that all can sample all the great offerings. Last year some people had 3 plates first time through. “Please don’t be a pig. Lets feed.” Plumber Kathy brought me a Arlo Guthrie CD with Alice’s Restaurant which she blasted out to start the line.

2007 Thankspigging T Shirt
This year was the largest turnout to date. The pots and dishes were stacked double high on Skinnys countertop. A lot of crock pots and a few milk containers cut in half with an offering inside. Lorie baked her SC deep dish pies
Sara cooked Linda’s cheese grits. MJ prepared his Ponzu Nation tuna. St Croix Tom with his stuffed Jalapeño peppers. Plumber Kathy and Rob did their cranberry mango chutney. New Sue baked a tray of manicotti. Betsy baked her southern sweet potato casserole. Decorating Diva Sally with “a Macys theme” decorations. Bill quieted the crowd and said some nice words to thank me. That was nice. Ten musicians once again playing. Skinnys was really trashed this year but once again everyone left pitched in especially Plumber Kathy and Derek. Played Alice’s Restaurant as we cleaned. Out of there by 9:30 and totally beat. We estimate 300 to 325 people this year. The fourth article appeared in Tradewinds written by Jamie.

Thankspigging’s 7th year. First time serving draught beer on tap.
Known offerings to date
Brother Rick and I will cook two 100 lb pigs with a Makers Mark baste.
I’m grilling 20 lbs of Old Mill rubbed alligator.
Drunk Bay brewing Jeff has kegged 10 gallons of draught beer, a steam beer and pale ale beer.
Peggy is mashing 50 lbs of roasted garlic potatoes.
Tim grilling Big Belly ribs.
Jersey Tom deep frying 3-12 lb turkeys and maybe attempting a turducken.
Jack is back with his termite wood smoked turkey.
Phillip is grilling a goat.
Majestic Joe is cooking his chicken bog and his buddy is grilling whole split chickens.
Lorie baking her SC deep dish pies
Sara is cooking Linda’s cheese grits.
MJ preparing his Ponzu Nation tuna.
St Croix Tom with his stuffed Jalapeño peppers.
Plumber Kathy and Rob doing their cranberry mango chutney.
New Sue baking a tray of manicotti.
Betsy baking her southern sweet potato casserole.

Decorating Diva Sally is promising “a Macys theme” decorations.
Jeweler Sandi is the official carver and server.
Warren will head the Texas Trash Team with Adette and Kent.
Moe providing Skinny’s space and donating beer, soda and ice.
Brian did the art work for t-shirts.
Bucky for flyers.