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My brother Ric and sister in law Peggy sailed down from Virginia arriving the day before Thankspigging. Plus Mom, Dad, Robin, Bramdon and Dexter returned. And for the first time here Ric’s son Derek with his girlfriend Beca with Ric’s daughter Casey, husband Lee and their son Jordan. The whole damn family was assembled here except my four kids. And I had a dream my kids had come to surprise me.
For this years T shirt I asked Karen to design me and Ric on the spits.
MJ was cooking the garlic mashed potatoes again. Plus I dropped three turkeys to deep fry. Dropped off the deep fryer and pots. Dennis and Pat graciously open their Shipwreck Kitchen from 9 to 2 for anyone who needed an oven or stove. Dropped ribs to Jeff to bbq. Picked up cases of beer from the Mixology at the Lumber yard in town. They claimed they delivered the case to Skinnys. Called Moe and he said no delivery. They gave us the cases that weren’t delivered.
Bramdon, Dexter and I picked up the two 80 lb pigs from Lilly’s cooler. Took them back to my house to thaw more. Skinnys for a few, pizza from Donkey Diner and back to the house to prepare the little piggys. Ric and I stuck a 100 garlic cloves while the boys rubbed the seasoning then put them on ice for the night.
Up at 6:00. Ric and I got the pigs down to Skinnys at 6:30 and had them on by a little after 8:00. Back up to the house and made the baste which I learned from Boozie. Pineapple juice, orange juice, brown sugar, Jack, (I substituted Makers Mark) and Grande Marnier. Also made the baste for the gator, Old Mill rub. Out to Shipwreck to check on the three deep fried turkeys. Peanut oil never was delivered but MJ handled it. Thankspigging Man Of The Day. Second year renting a jiffy john.

2006 Thankspigging T Shirt
Set up all the decorations with Sally. They get more bizarre each year which I love. Put down all the linens on Skinnys bar top. For the first time I hung up the last 5 years of each t-shirt. Dan cooked his lamb and watched over my gator. For the first time I asked all to please take only one plate at a time so all can sample all the great food. My dad suggested put a little sign on each dish so people wouldn’t have to try and figure out what it was so the line would go quicker. Which we did. New guy Joe brought a huge black pot that looked like more of a cauldron filled with hog head hash over rice. Yikes. Phillip brought a huge prime rib.
This year had the most food, the best variety so far and we estimated feeding 275-300 people. Had six musicians show and played late. Once again the Texas Trash Team and all my family pitched in and cleaned Skinnys spotless. Out of there by 10:30. This year the third article appeared in the Sun Times which they let me write.