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Frankie injured his hand and wasn’t able to slaughter and dress this years pig. I called Merchants and they had an eighty pounder and would deliver it to Skinnys. Problem averted. Rooney was set to cook this years pig. He was telling everyone he needed all the herbs and spices he required now. Finally had a conversation and I yelled at him for complaining to everyone when he knew I’d get whatever he required. MJ was chef at Miss Lucys and volunteered to do the 50 lbs of garlic mashed potatoes. I asked Barr to do the graphics for the t-shirts this year, my family watching over two pigs and food.
My Mom and Dad, sister Robin and my two nephews, Bramdon and Dexter came to St John for the first time to experience Thankspigging.
Word came over the coconut telegraph that Rooney is pissed saying he’s not cooking the pig and I couldn’t use the BBQ spit which was still “Gone Ketchen” Grizzes. Each year he went hunting in the states and would cook what he killed at Seabreeze upon his return. He always had venison, elk and moose. He had been letting Rooney use it to do pig roasts.
So the day before Thankspigging I shot out to Miss Lucys to find MJ. Thankfully Ghee was there. Miss Lucys has a full moon party each month and roasts a pig for it in a cooker he made himself. I asked Ghee if I could use it. He was reluctant at first but agreed after telling him of my predicament and me giving him some money to clean it afterwards. MJ and Rodney offered to cook it. Problem solved.
The frozen pig arrived at Skinnys well before me. Mo was calling all over for me to come and get it. It was thawing and laying on the floor with leaking blood. Not impressing the tourist. Finally got it and took it to Miss Lucys.
The morning of I was out early to Miss Lucys. MJ wasn’t there but Rodney was. He already had the pig cooking and was saving the day. Had to borrow Rivet’s pickup to get Elliot’s big cooler and started cooling down all the cases of beer. Mo came to open up the ice machine and donated three cases of beer and three cases of water. Sally, decorating diva, arrived to do her decorating thing with Sandi helping.

2005 thankspigging T Shirt
Mom and Dad were just amazed as the day progressed. Everyone visiting them calling them mom and dad. My mom finally exclaimed, “ now I know why you live here”.They suggested I label all the dishes so the line would go much quicker. Went and got the pig at 3:30, done to perfection. I had my alligator on the grill along with the three deep fried turkeys and Jack’s smoked termite wood turkey. Once again the turn out was great, about 250 people.

Gino' Painting
Gino did a caricature of me “long hair Ken’s unconventional Coral Bay Feast.
Adette, Kent and Warren became the “Texas Trash Team” and cleaned Skinnys. Mo had asked me to put out a donation cup for the Guy Benjamin School for air conditioning. We collected $250. The second article appeared in the Sun Times written by Tom.