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thankspiggingSame routine the day before, K-mart, Cost U Less, Plaza Extra, Home Depot and the abattoir for the pigs. I had spoken to Mr Williams for two weeks arranging two 80lb pigs. But when I arrived he was on vacation and no one knew anything about my pigs. I had to take a frozen 70lb and a fresh 50lb pig. Home and stored the 50lb pig in my tub and tried to thaw out the 70lb pig in Elliot’s cooler in water. Sherry, Tom and Dicky showed up to help season them till late at night. I asked Geno do once again do the t-shirt design. I wanted Kerry and Bush on the pig spit. He threw in Bin Ladin on a serving platter for good taste.
Down to Skinnys at 5;30. Rooney already there. Both pigs on by 6:00. Back and forth all day between the house and Skinnys to set up. Sherry bought me a string in pig lights to hang over the bar. Plus Sally brought a flying pig that had wings flapping. Sally with another great center piece. I did some swamp cabbage, garlic, onions, red, green, yellow peppers and heart of palms with sauted alligator.
Nicky took a whole skewer of gator, didn’t know what it was but he loved it or so it appeared. Joe and Janet made it out from Cruz Bay with Michael and Penny.

2004 Thanksgiving T Shirt
Wegman, Kent and others provided the entertainment this year. We had it cleaned up and we were out of there by 9:30 with about 20 people still there.
The next day I saw Moe. “Not as good as last year with the clean up” We always took the trash to the dumpsters but this year some ended up in Skinny’s dumpster and the donkeys had their own Thankspigging. I cleaned it all up and once again thanked them. Ken's BraidsThe first article appeared in the Sun Times written by Margie. She wanted a picture of me for the paper. I declined because of a stateside problem but suggested she could photograph me from the back.