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thankspiggingWith more people than my little house could possibly hold I tried a different approach for Skinnys, I asked Moe. “Absolutely” “Ken, what a great idea.” Three weeks before Thankspigging I posted three flyers around Skinnys on a Sunday football afternoon. Doug did a double glance at my actions and went right to Moe. I could see his jersey arm expressions but couldn’t hear what was being said. He came to me next. I said, “I’ll get a jiffy john.” “Okay but just don’t call me and make sure you clean up” “Thanks Dougie”. I asked Geno to design a t-shirt with a turkey/pig and pig/turkey. And since he was banned from Skinnys he did another sketch for himself of Mo and Dougie that was not flattering.
The day before Dicky and I headed to St Thomas. The usual Cost u Less for supplies and beer and then the abattoir for the pigs. Met the pig farmer, Mr Roberts. Two nice pigs. One 70 lb and one 60 lb. Fit right into Elliot’s cooler. Jersey Tom needed peanut oil for the deep fried turkeys I looked everywhere Finally found it at Plaza extra but only in 8 oz bottles. I took them all. Had to stop at K-mart for Dicky to get a TV and DVD player. We made the 3:00 barge home.
Right to Skinnys. Mike and Sue from Jost waiting for me. Found Rooney and all back to the house. Sherry joined us and we all helped season the two porkers and had a little to drink. Mike and Sue spent the night with me.
Down to Skinnys at 6:00 in the morning. Rooney only 30 minutes later. Had the pigs on the skewer, wired and on the slow burning coals by 7:30.
Moe arrived later. Open the ice machine, donated 3 cases of beer, one case of water and opened up one TV for Macy’s Day Parade and football later with no sound. Sally came baring pine cone turkeys decorations and other weird objects.

2003 Thankspigging T Shirt
The pigs came off the spit at 4:30. Jersey Tom did 3 deep fried turkeys, garlic, honey mustard and spicy. Prime Mary did 35lb of garlic mashed. Sherry had a huge stuffed squash. Mark and Mark with a pork roast. And Julie had strawberry shortcake that was to die for. Others covered the linen draped bar with all sorts of appetizers, dishes
desserts and on and on. I was surprised when Mary Pat and some friends turned up, they left Dougie at home. We estimated 200 people.
Chris, Mo and friends played once again. Teacher Bob came to join in. He brought an amp. “Sorry only acoustic”.
They all jammed till 10:00 while we all pitched in to clean. Out of there by 10:30. Ziggy walked with the pig head.
Down to Skinnys the following morning to pick up Elliot’s cooler. Moe was there. He kept shaking my hand telling me, “You made a lot of people happy, great job”. “Oh, one thing, you cleaned my place cleaner than my own people”. Thanked him and Dougie.