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More people showed last year than I thought would. With that in mind I asked Dougie if I could use Skinny Legs for the day since they were closed. “NO” “I get two days off a year and I hole up in my house.” “I don’t answer the door no matter how hard someone is knocking”. “No” “If the bathrooms break I have to go out there”. I offered to bring in a Jiffy John. “No” I let it go.
Bucky did the invites and flyers again. I had decided to do 3 pigs this year. I told him I’d like 3 pigs partying around a spit for the t-shirts.
I ordered the pigs from the Agricultural Dept’s Abattoir on St Thomas. I borrowed Elliot’s huge cooler from Silver Cloud to transport the pigs. They barely fit, and one was frozen solid. Brought them back and gave the. He thawed the frozen one in the ocean. He had decided he was cooking the pigs this year. He brought them back the night before. Rooney, Boozie, Jeffery and I spent 3 hours seasoning three pigs. We stuck a pound of fresh crushed garlic cloves in each pig. Continued seasoning and drinking.
Up at 7 am with a hangover. Raked the yard and cleaned up the house. Ann had built a parking pad right on Centerline this past year so I set up the spit there. Grizz let me borrow his cooker. He originally had it set up to cook 4 pigs at a time but now two. Had a dump truck electric motor geared real low. He had fabricated aluminum stanchions at each end with galvanized roofing sheets to form a rectangular box.thankspigging 2002
Boozie and Rooney finally showed up a 8:30. We got the pigs on by 10:00, really late. Turned out Boozie was doing all the cooking. Had his dad’s recipe for the baste. It consisted of Jack Daniels Whiskey, Grande Mariner, OJ. Pineapple and brown sugar.

Geno 2002 painting

Geeno Thankspigging Painting:

Down to Skinnys for tables, chairs and trash cans this year.
Guys started showing up at around two. Gino in tight leopard pants with matching hat. He had painted a road sign for me. All the guys with nothing to bring grabbed chairs up around the spit by the road and stayed there all day. They would become known as the “The B Team” by everyone else seating under the genipe tree. Sonia and Lester were the first to arrive this year. Joe and Janet from Paninis brought me 2 bottles of Noveau Beaujolais. Once again the amount and quality of the food was incredible.
The music continued this year. Chris, Mo, Jay and Bryan played on with fiddles and Mo’s stand up bass. Bucky and Suki showed up later. Bucky joined in with his harp. Bryan stayed till the end at 10:30 as 2 skate boarders came out of nowhere speeding down the hill in front of the parking pad. Cars had pasted all day with all sorts of comments. The best was just “Whoa!”
A new gal, Jyl, offered to help start cleaning up. I accepted her offer. It took till the middle of the next day to completely clean up. We estimated 120 people.