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I started planning a few weeks in advance with limited funds but thinking I could pull it off. Gino worked up a horn of plenty drawing for the invitations and flyers. I asked him to also draw a combination turkey/pig for
t-shirts. The t-shirts would go to those who helped me. And Elliot did the t-shirts for cost. Bucky did the graphics and printed the invites and flyers for me. I started passing out the smaller invitations and placing the larger flyers at all the bars in Coral Bay the day after Skinny’s Halloween Party.
I met Wayne during the year. Farm boy turned Navy SEAL
who convinced me he cooked the best pigs. Said he had been cooking them on the farm since a little boy and his dad had a spit that roasted full size cows.
Frankie was responsible for obtaining the pig. He took me to a pig farm in Pastory. Drove down into a small valley that had at least a 100 little porkers squeaking and running around. Four big breeding moms and one big stud daddy at 400 pounds. What a job. Had my pick of all those available. I selected a nice 60 pounder. A problem arose when Frankie said, “I have to slaughter it by Tuesday”. I had no facilities to keep the pig cold.
My search for a walk in cooler was short. No one I knew had one. I asked Maho Mary if I could possible store it in Maho’s walk in. Said she’d check. They freaked out. ”Are you out of your mind?” “We’re mostly vegetarians”. So no Maho cooler. I would end up keeping it on ice in my tub for 2 days.
The day before Thankspigging I borrowed a hitch from Ruppert to pick up a rented BBQ cooker on wheels. Warren volunteered to go to Moses with me to pick up the cooker. Started right up but had a flat tire. Fix a flat, hitched and back to Coral Bay.
Wayne arrived at 6:15 in the morning. I had seasoned the pig the night before following Frankie’s instructions
and it was ready to go. Unfortunately the BBQ cooker was not. Once the pig was secured on the spit we set it in the cooker. It could not rotate up and over or around the spit. One of the bolts holding the motor to the frame was missing. Someone had wire twisted through the bolt hole and was not even close in holding it down. So for the rest of the day we kept rotating it little by little by hand.
With the pig started I went and picked up Skinny’s chairs and tables. Doug and Moe had said, “Take what you need.” Back home to clean the house and cook the 30lbs of garlic mashed potatoes.
Will was the first official arrival. Dozer stopped by with a huge doob. Sally brought me a Thankspigging hand towel complete with embroidered turkey. I wore it all day. She also brought a bouquet of flowers. People drifted in and out all day.

Thankspigging T Shirt
Prime(Maho) Mary and Rivet came early with a huge fresh salad. Mike and Sue came from Jost. Tal with a new gal. Jack and Sara with a turkey and carrot cake. Roy and Peggy with a big bean casserole. E-baby with pumpkin dip and ginger snaps. Excellent dishes everywhere. Endless vegetable casseroles, spaghetti dishes, dips, pies and cakes. My favorites were Pookie’s stombole, French Elizabeth’s stuffed grape leafs and Karen Samuels’s apple pie.
Well we burnt the shit out of the pig but it still tasted pretty damn good. Went through 10 cases of beer. People sat under the big genipe tree on the side of my house, on the front lawn and in my house.
Night set in and the tiki lamps were lite. Bryan, who just started cooking at Skinnys, brought his guitar and entertained into the night. Hadn’t thought about anyone bringing instruments but the tradition had started.
Everyone out by about 8:30. We figured about 80 people ate. Went over to Pepe’s for a night cap but walked in but turned around and went home to crash.

For the next week I couldn’t buy my own drink.